Marketing budgets are now larger than IT budgets & growing faster says Gartner. By 2017, Gartner says that CMO’s will spend more on IT than CIO’s.

  Interesting how marketing is getting more & more dependent on technology.

And yet the Marketer’s perception of internal IT is not very positive. The same Gartner survey has Marketers saying that they:

  • perceive IT as always looking at expensive solutions
  • moving slowly
  • typically saying no, and
  • preferring stability to innovation & change.

Marketers have been buying Advertising agency & Market research agency services for years. They have had to understand & effectively leverage both advertising & Market research functions.

How should CMO’s navigate this new IT territory? Lots of professionals have migrated their careers from agency to client side as Marketers looked to bring in expertise who understood these disciplines.  

Would a similar trend start with IT people also looking to move into marketing for a stint as they develop their careers? And vice versa-would marketing folk find it worthwhile to take a stint in IT to be exposed to technology!

Is Marketing the intermediate halt for CIOs to develop their careers? When do we see the first CIO turning into a CMO-looking forward to that…it may bring a breath of fresh air to the Marketing discipline!