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Our Advisory Panel

To ensure that we continue to live up to the highest standards, we've asked a few of our most respected member-bloggers to serve as an advisory panel for the site. They were selected for the outstanding quality of their work, their expertise across the spectrum of disciplines that make up our community, and most of all for their commitment to the ideals that drive us: inclusiveness, balance, community and civility.

Watch for original, exclusive posts from our advisory panel members. They'll enliven our podcast series, appear in our webinars, and cover events for us as the opportunities arise. And we look to them to be advocates for the community-at-large as well, keeping us focused on our mission as we expand, and making sure we don't forget...

Aaron Aders Aaron
@aaronaders on Twitter

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Bruno Aziza Bruno

@brunoaziza on Twitter

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Stephen Baker Stephen
@stevebaker on Twitter

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Paul Barsch Paul
@paul_a_barsch on Twitter

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Gary Cokins Gary

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Jill Dyché Jill
@jilldyche on Twitter

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Themos Kalafatis Themos
@lifeanalytics on Twitter

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Bernard Marr Bernard

@bernardmarr on Twitter

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James Taylor James
@jamet123 on Twitter

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